I built another computer.

Let me preface with this. Mariah and I both love Apple products. Let me continue with this… neither of us use them anymore. Here’s the short story. I built myself a super awesome computer a couple of years ago. I’ve been coasting along and occasionally buying an upgrade and installing it. My computer gets faster and faster… Mariah has been on a MacBook Pro that has been aging like an old sick dog for years. It’s at the point in its life where its breathing is shallow and it can’t trudge through the most basic of tasks without getting labored. It was time to build her a computer. So I did! Her name is Eva (named after Eva from Wall-E). She’s beautiful.

A lot of help from the fine folks over at /r/buildapc, and consequently from PC Part Picker. Thanks everyone!

The transition.

Mariah may still get on her MacBook Pro from time to time, but I think I’ve made her a full convert to PCs. Here’s why… PCs are a much better value, they’re infinitely upgradable, and they are more customizable. Plus, they’re more fun! You can get inside and play with their guts.  Apple makes a lot of its money by releasing a new single product every 6 months… and by making sure none of their products really play together perfectly forever so you have to buy each new device every few years… and by building in obsolescence so eventually things fall apart… and by being super sleek, super sexy, and having much better ads… and you know what… they do a great job making their money that way. More power to them… but for me, PCs get my money because they do what I want them to do.

As a visual artist, I certainly appreciate the sexiness of Apple products.  Mariah does as well. In fact, I think that was probably a big part of the reason she was so hesitant to switch over. Fear that the User Interface wouldn’t be any good on the PC, and fear that it would just look clunky. Well, Eva is a pretty PC. She’s clean, she’s sleek, she’s as strong as any Panther… or Mountain Lion… or Snow Leopard. What the PC allows us to do is to get exactly what we need, without having to sacrifice everything else.


Real life application.

As photographers in the digital world, we go through thousands of images a week. The individual images keep getting bigger as cameras resolutions increase. Whereas jobs used to be a few gigabytes tops, now it’s not crazy to have a single photoshoot that has 100GB or more worth of files. Not only does that mean we need to have harddrives that are capable of containing that much info, but we also need to have processors, CPUs, GPUs, and RAM dedicated to shuffling, shifting, editing, and writing that kind of information quickly. On any given day, my PC has 10TB worth of drives contained within it. That may sound ridiculous, but with all the backups, and with how precious these files are to us and to our clients, it’s necessary.

That’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to be a print-heavy studio. Even if all our drives gave out simultaneously due to some freak solar flare or something (this won’t happen… repeat… this will never happen… don’t even joke about it), we would still have so many great images in print and in albums throughout the world. Can’t keep So Gold down!


We want to hear from you!

If you’re a PC proponent or an Apple ally, let us know! We’d love to hear your take on this age old war. Also, if you have any questions about PC building or just want to chat about computers, I would love to hear from you. I’m into geeky stuff. It’s fun. I used to hate that I was geeky, but now I’m older… and not to mention the top 10 movies every year now are pretty much exclusively based on nerds and/or comic books. This world is changing! It’s nerd heaven right now.


Here she is!






GRAPHICS CARD –                            GIGABYTE GTX970 G1

POWER SUPPLY –                              CORSAIR 750W CXMOD

BLUETOOTH-                                      IOGEAR BT-4.0 USB MICRO ADAPTER

INTERNET-                                          TENDA 802.11N WIRELES PCI ADPTR

KEYBOARD-                                        LOGITECH ILLUM LIVNGRM KYBRD K830

CPU COOLER-                                    CORSAIR HYDRO H60 LIQUID COOLER

RAM-                                                    CRUCIAL 16GB 2X8DDR3 CL10 BALLKIT

CPU-                                                      INTEL BOX INTEL CORE I7-4790K

SCRATCH/BOOT DISK-                    SAMSUNG E 250GB 850 EVO SSD

MAIN DISK-                                        TOSHOEM **3TB 3.5 7200 DT01ACA300

MOTHERBOARD-                              GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD3H ATX

CASE-                                                    NZXT H440 WHITE ATX CASE