About J & M.

Hey there.

We’re Justin & Mariah, the husband-and-wife team behind So Gold Studio.

We provide peace of mind, as well as beautiful imagery and life-lasting products. Our ideal clients are those who appreciate art and authenticity.

We’re storytellers, musicians, designers and dreamweavers. We have the privlage of spending our days making art. We enjoy traveling, exploring, thought provoking conversation, dancing, and wine. We do yoga every morning and sleep in hammocks every night (okay, almost). Part of the time we live on 65 acres in Wildwood, MO with ceramic artist Doug Gilberg, the executive director of Wildwood Green Arts, which we’ve helped start-up. The other part of the time we spend in mountains of northern California helping Mark Watts out with the Alan Watts Project, which we’ve also helped start-up.

We create photography for a lot of reasons, but the one that stands out most is that it’s a really meaningful way to get to know people. Making a portrait of someone takes a certain level of trust and comfort, and we love building those relationships. And out of those relationships comes genuine, beautiful stories just waiting to be captured.

Are you So Gold?

Of course you are. As mentioned above, So Gold is a photography company, but it’s much more than that. So Gold is our belief system, and it’s one that we’re finding many people share. We believe that any good story, no matter how small, has a way of shaping the mythology of our lives. From the little day-to-day coincidences, to the fleeting smiles we exchange with a stranger… from the moment a groom sees his bride for the first time, to the way their hearts change when they first hear their baby cry… All of these chapters can affect us profoundly, and also interweave with the stories of our friends and families, and ultimately the story of life itself. (Golden thread, anyone?) We’re constantly redefining our understanding of So Gold thanks in large part to the amazing people who have allowed us to tell their stories.

Why are you called So Gold?

Ok, I guess we do owe an explanation. We felt our old photography company’s brand didn’t quite suit us, so we decided to revamp. We wanted to emphasize the physical nature of our photography, the weight of tangible materials like albums and prints. We started thinking about things we thought were meaningful and precious; things that seemed to be immortal (in the same way we believe photography is immortal), and yet valuable in an internal way that can’t always be described. We stumbled into the idea that everything we wanted to do was So Gold… It was timeless, valuable, precious, beautiful, and also esoteric. Plus, it’s fun to say – “Dude… that was So Gold.”

Since gold was discovered, it has started wars, and also won hearts. Gold is powerful. You can use it as currency, or for practical reasons. If you’re reading this right now, you’re using gold. You’re also potentially wearing it somewhere on your body. Gold is everywhere, but it’s also rare. This is how we feel about photography in a lot of ways. Not only is it practical, but it can also be beautiful. Everyone has gold to some degree, but some people also pursue it for aesthetic reasons; reasons that lend to becoming an heirloom.

Also… we like all the strange metaphysical connotations. We love the Golden Ratio. We love the Golden Rule. And so on.

If you’d like any further explaination, let’s grab a drink. 😉