There are some weddings where the only really appropriate thing to say is just that. Damn. This was that wedding.

Dani and Leon tied a giant, crazy, in-your-face golden knot around a day that can only be described as a whirlwind.




Where do we even start? Let’s see… 24 members in the wedding party (25 if you include the dog). ABRAM_02010042_ABRAM_4031

A cascade of Dom Perignon and Rolexes. A crew of paparazzi (present company included).


A disappearing pastor. A questionably legal (in the end it was, don’t worry) ceremony conducted in part by the Best Man on account of said disappearing pastor.


A seemingly 1 to 1 ratio of vodka bottles to people present at the reception. 487 speeches at the reception (that number may be slightly exaggerated). And so on and so forth.



But of all the abundance and all of the crazy amounts of great food, libations, and luxury, the thing that was the most obviously over-the-top plentiful… was love. Love between families, love between friends, and a mind-blowing amount of love between two people who stood in front of all of the above and professed, amidst the chaos, that they would stick with each other through thick and thin.

Dani… Leon… we love you two! Congratulations.