Herrin. Dr. Herrin is the short answer; and it’s squared now. Dr. Herrin, and Dr. Herrin. Makes work conversations easy. Makes addressing an envelope a little tricky. The long answer takes us back more than a decade.

About 13 years ago… For a lot of us, myself included, those were high school days. True love was merely an idea. It was a saccharine movie quote, or a song lyric from one of a collection of 3-5 young guys wearing matching outfits and white bandanas. Awkwardness was currency, popularity was celebrity, and “going out” had long since replaced “going steady” not only in lingo, but in practice. For a lot of us.

For some, like Tom and Britt, 13 years ago was the beginning of an epic love story. A story in which So Gold had the opportunity to illustrate an important chapter a few weeks ago. For Tom and Britt, voice cracks and sweaty palms were only commas in the early prose of a lifelong love story… one that crescendoed a few weeks ago.

Tom and Britt went to school together… grew up together… studied the same things… took on the same interests… Now they continue to champion one another… continue to support one another as they become doctors in different states… and continue to love one another. Tom and Britt got married on a bright and wonderful day at the History Museum in Forest Park… a fitting venue for a couple that, at 26, had already spent half of their lives together.

“Ok, let me see your serious face.” I said to Britt during the Bridal Creatives. “I don’t have one, today!” she said, and she wasn’t lying. I could teach a class on “how to smile in photographs” by hiring Britt to sit at the front of the room.

It was awesome to be a part of something so beautiful in which two people, who in the hearts and minds of so many were already joined as one, stood in front of one another and everyone they loved, and said “you wanna go out… for life?” and “check yes if you like me or no if you don’t” and AIMed one another lyrics from “This I Promise You”…  I might be a little confused on the content of the actual vows. I can’t remember exactly. It’s hard to remember things clearly when you’re choked up.

Tom, Britt… Doctor… Doctor… We love you guys. Your love helps us love more.