If you’ve spent any time around us, you know Mariah and I are huge animal lovers. You probably have seen our two cats at some point, Misskers and Hondo, but we’re also kind of in the market for a dog (Mariah will tell you she’s 100% in the market). We’re picky. We have a couple of breeds we’d like to adopt, but we want to do just that. Adopt a rescue. So if ever there was someone to go to for advice, it’d be Grace and Bryan. Well, Grace, Bryan, Tula, Emmy, Bosco, Bossy, and Pumpkin.



See, Bryan and Grace are what you might call “Champions” of the adoption world. When it comes to the proper treatment, housing, and love for animals, you won’t find a more loving set of parents. Or should I say, PAWrents? No… I should definitely just say parents. The other one is just stupid. Bryan and Grace have adopted 3 lovely pups, and if their newsfeeds are any indication, they’re constantly working to help others adopt, find, rescue, care for, become aware of, and generally just spread love for pups the world over.




Now, it may not always be easy to keep three rowdy beasts (and two cats… but they don’t count… you could leave a cat alone with nothing but your credit card for a month and they’d be fine) in line… but the truth is… well honestly, the truth is you can’t, so really you just have to keep loving them, feeding them, and being generally good to them. Bryan¬†and Grace will be getting married next year, and we’re going to be there cameras in hand for their big day. In the meantime, though, I think we’ve started something kind of awesome. See, Bryan is also an amazing graphic artist. I’d like to think I can take a teeny-tiny bit of credit for helping him kick his artistry into gear. Basically, I saw how good he was and told him he’d be an idiot if he didn’t do anything with it. That’s my method of inspiration. Works great for some people… notsomuch for others. He does 3D renderings for health professionals (that’s the super shortened version of what he does), but in his “free time” he makes amazing portraits… many of which include dogs. Here’s one he did that I printed out huge and am mounting to put onto my wall at home. One copy is already hanging up in their home.




But the long and short of it is this… we’re going to start collaborating on some work. I’ll be taking photos of pups, and he’ll be rendering them into artwork and then possibly even applying that artwork to sculptures. Pretty crazy right? Now do you see why I love my job so much? Tomorrow night, in fact (from when I wrote this… not necessarily when you’re reading this), we’ll be in Columbia, Missouri at the 4th annual Whiskers and Wine event. It’s an event hosted by the Central Missouri Humane Society. Honestly, I’m not totally sure what it is. It sounds like a fancy party where people give money to help animals… which sounds great to me. What I am totally sure about is that Bryan and I are part of the silent auction. We’ll be auctioning off a photo session of someone’s pup, and then the photo will be turned into a print/sculpture by Bryan. Cool right?



That’s Bryan… the one holding the leash. Anyway, these photos were kind of the in between photos we took while we were doing their engagement session. The session itself was geared around 2 composite photos… which once Bryan is done with them… are going to be mind-blowing. We’re talking dogs playing poker kind of mind-blowing. Literally. They’ll serve as the STD (that’s Save The Date… get your mind out of the gutter) and the invitation. They’re a handsome family.





Somewhere shortly after this badass silhouette, Tula jumped into the pond. Panic ensued.




You can understand why the cats weren’t at this photoshoot… nonetheless, this animal pack, 7-deep, is awesome. We can’t wait to work with them again soon. Both for and with them.



Love you dudes. See ya tomorrow night!