Photography is an investment that becomes more valuable over time.


At So Gold Studio, we cannot emphasize this enough.

The experience of photography is much different when it has weight to it…
We feel that a photograph is never really finished until it’s printed, and how you display your artwork and choose to relive your favorites times is very important.
And because your photography is a work of art, it deserves to be respected and displayed as such.

Artistic Services


We are after all artists and we want to make sure the experience you have with us is complete. We’re not the type of studio that hands you a disc of images and calls it a day. We take great care in presenting the artwork we create for you so you and yours can enjoy it for generations to come. To make the process of getting complete works of art into your hands a lot easier we’ve created all inclusive “Photography Collections.” Our collections are made to suit your needs, tell your story, and to make it easy and enjoyable to share with others.

Every Collection includes :

– Two photographers, Justin and Mariah.

– A beautiful hand-bound genuine leather album.

– A framed wall gallery.

– The digital images of every photo you print on a usb.

– An online digital gallery of your photos.

Our Wedding Photography Collections start at 3600.

If we’re within your budget, we’d love to take you and your fiance out for coffee and chat about how we can help you tell your love story. 

For all other photography inquiries
such as commercial, promotional, headshots etc., please contact us.

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