Zach King and I met in Columbia. It had to be 2006 or 2007. We always saw each other out at the Blue Fugue or some other now defunct/repurposed venue. I remember a lot of nights we hung out… and forget probably an equal amount. When he told me he got engaged and wanted us to photograph his engagement and wedding… my immediate thought was “What brave woman has decided to take you on for life?” Turns out, it’s Kelsey. She can outfish and outhunt Zach, and isn’t afraid to get dirty. She’s everything he needs, and he’s perfect for her as well.

The wedding… even more breathtaking. I don’t know what it is with So Gold brides, but their dress decisions are forever on point. When the doors opened on Kelsey and she began her long walk down the aisle towards Zach, she couldn’t have looked more stunning! Her dress perfectly matched the third generation veil she wore with elegance.  Zach looked handsome, as always, and his hair was particularly well-coifed this day (don’t think I don’t notice these things, Zach).



The traditional ceremony took place at Faith Lutheran Church in Oakville, St. Louis, MO, and Kelsey was made a King… then it was off to explore the city. We romped through St. Louis; Forest Park, downtown rooftops and questionable alleyways, The Wheelhouse, etc. The bright sun kept trying to peek through the clouds, and the air was almost light and dry, a rarity for Missouri. After a long and enjoyable creative session with the wedding party, we spilled back into the limo to make our way to the reception hall, Genesiswhere the wedding party was greeted with cheers and ovations as they settled in for a steak dinner provided by the groom and the company he works for, Kern Meat Co. Oh steak, how I love thee.

Zach… Kelsey… you two are perfect for one another. We love you guys, and we can’t wait to hang out with you two and Remi again soon!