Photography tells stories. It helps when the story is already amazing. This is a story about a long distance relationship that works.

Let’s start here. Pheaktra (pronounced PET-RA… like a domesticated sun god) and Diana are awesome. They’re both Cambodian, and they both live in the United States… but here’s the catch. They live 2000 miles apart. You can get from Canada to Ireland faster than you can get from Columbia, MO to Seattle, WA. Trust me. I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out two destinations that were closer, but seemed impressively far apart for this one analogy. Anyway, it’s a long way. But guess what, they do it. They travel that a lot, in fact, just to be near one another for a couple of days.

Well, you can guess where that puts them. The airport. Specifically Lambert International Airport in St. Louis. So what do you do for an engagement shoot with a couple that spends a lot of their time at the airport? You shut down a wing in an airport to do an awesome photo shoot. As cool as that is, the coolest thing about this whole story is Pheaktra and Diana’s love for each other. They are both passionate people and in addition to their passion for one another, they also share a passion with M and I. PHOTOGRAPHY! Pheaktra mentioned that he and Diana always took Polaroids of their journeys together. So we brought one of our Polaroid cameras. To be fair, it’s a Fuji Instax Instant Film camera, not technically a Polaroid camera, but that’s kind of like Bandaid… or Kleenex. It’s one of those names where the product is so ubiquitous that all other imitators take on the name. I only point that out because I’m a nerd.

Anyway, this shoot was amazing, as you can see. We all had such a great time, and it was awesome to see the mixture of sheer bliss and heavy melancholy that I’m sure they feel every time they’re at an airport. We got to see what was essentially the arrival and departure emotions.

We spent the day together creating art. We took photos… they took photos. We took photos of them taking photos. We took photos of the photos they took. And we took a photo of them taking a photo of us taking photos of them taking photos of us taking photos. Here’s that photo.


Anyway, Pheaktra and Diana. We love you two! Your album should be here soon. Can’t wait to work with you guys on your wedding/reception. Cambodia? Columbia? Come on. We know you want us to meet the whole family overseas! 🙂

As a bonus, we were featured on Lambert International Airport’s website HERE.