Party time!
So, if you already know our process, you know our photobooths are not “push-button” photobooths. If you haven’t seen or attended one of our booths, then you should know we’re about as in-your-face as possible. We delight in creating a custom experience for our clients, and we are happy to always offer a detailed consultation to answer any questions long before the event ever happens. This is not a commodity that people trickle into in the corner… this is a high-energy and engaging event to complement the one you worked so hard on.

Our photobooths are setup according to the specifications of your party, and the customization options you choose. Our standard booth is 8×8′ and can be fully enclosed (if there are lighting concerns), comes with masks and generic photobooth props, and a choice between 4 backdrops. However, we have the ability to customize everything, from the foreground fabric, right down to the size of the booth itself. We always have a photographer on a professional DSLR camera (instead of a button you press on an iPad) to capture the highest quality images. Each photobooth includes an online gallery, and the link will be provided directly to your guests at the booth.


Photobooth package information


Base   –   950

  • Consultation.
  • 3 hours of photography.
  • Online gallery of edited images.
  • Photographer / entertainer.
  • Choice of black, white, gold sequin, or black and grey damask backdrop.
  • Generic props (or you may provide your own).
  • Set-up/tear down.


add-ons    –   variable

  • Custom backdrop.   |   250
  • Additional time.    |   200/hr
  • On-site printing.   |   100/hr
  • Complete customization.    |   Please inquire.
    (Think themed parties! We can go all out.)



REQUEST YOUR photobooth :


Are you available for my event?

Maybe! If you fill out the request form above, we’ll be able to let you know if that date is free. We sure hope it is!

How many hours should I get the booth for?

That kind of depends on your needs. A lot of events are fine with a 3 or 4 hour booth, but if you’ve got a long day or night of partying to do, you might want to add a few hours on! The booth can print about 40 or 50 images/hour, but we can take the digitals as fast as our trigger fingers can fire off the camera. If you’re looking for about 200 or so printed images, however, you might need 5 hours.

How will my guests and I receive the images?

If you elect for a printed package, we will hand them to you on the spot! Either way, you’ll be able to view a gallery by visiting a link that has been setup before the event.

What do the printed images look like?

Awesome. They’re 4×6 (we can do variations on layout), dye-sublimated photo prints. Technology has gotten ridiculous.

Why don’t you have a push-button option?

Because what fun would that be for us? We love meeting people, we love interacting with everyone, and our energy can help fuel the fire of your raging party. Also, self-service is cool in the grocery store. It’s not so cool when it comes to photography. What next, drone photobooths? Oh… dude… does anyone know a good patent lawyer?

Can people visit the booth more than once?

First off, there’s no way we could stop them. That’d be awkward. Secondly, sure. Why not?

Can you do color photos?

Yes. We can also do black and white and you can bring crayons.

How do we get people to go to the booth?

By force. Ha! Actually, this is a great question. Have your DJ say something… put a little placard on the table to remind them… include the link for the gallery on that placard. Get up and grab a bunch of friends and start it up! Honestly, once people start trickling in, we have such a good time that they’ll start talking to everyone else and before long, there will be a line. At large events we’ve taken almost 5000 photos throughout the night (No… we weren’t printing at that event. Can you imagine?), so don’t worry about it being too busy.

How many prints can you do an hour?

We can print about 40 or so images an hour. We can photograph substantially more though, in a non-print booth.

Can you fit more than 2 people in the booth?

In our base booth, we can comfortably fit 5 or 6. However, we can modify to fit a lot more than that. Also, because this is a human with a camera taking the photos, not an iPad on a stand, if it’s the end of the night, we understand it’s more important for you to get that shot with 45 people in it, than to have everything look perfect. We’ll step back and photograph everyone slammed together with the “behind-the-scenes” booth edges, the back wall, some random lights, etc… all in the photo. I only say this because we end up doing it every single time… and yeah… it’s always worth it.

Will I get to see all the photos afterwards?

Of course you will. That link will host all of the images and you’ll be able to go through them, order prints after the fact (if you like), share them, and so on.

Can you make something I write or design shows up on the prints (like “Dan’s Birthday Bash,” or my company’s logo)?  

Yes we can, but we will need the files well ahead of time to ensure our templates are properly calibrated.

What are we supposed to do in the booth?

“Step inside… Freak out.” Those are the usual directions. Granted, I’ll be there to help anyone that gets in the booth and pulls a Ricky Bobby and doesn’t know what to do with their hands. We love egging people on and getting genuine (read: hilarious) responses from people.

How long do you need to setup and teardown?

We’ll need at least an hour on both sides. The more time, the better. And of course we don’t charge you for that time (unless the booth ends up being ridiculous… like live camel and pyrotechnics ridiculous… you want to do this…. you know you want to do this).


If you have any questions about your options, please contact us!

Prices may be subject to change.