Portraiture Collections

Portraiture Collection

The experience of photography is much different when it has weight to it.
We feel that a photograph is never really finished until it’s printed, and how you display your artwork and choose to relive your favorites times is very important.

To make the process of getting complete works of art into your hands a lot easier we’ve created all inclusive “Portraiture Collections.”
Our collections below are made to suit your needs and tell your story; to make it easy and enjoyable to share with others.

Every collection includes :



ORO   –   2000

      +   35% off all additional art.

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ARGENTO   –   950

      +   20% off additional art.

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FERRO   –   650


add ons : Gift Print Sets

Gift prints are 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 inch loose prints. These are ideal for sending to friends and family (you know grandma would love one) or decorating office desks or night stands. These sets are “add-ons” which mean that you must purchase them along side one of the collections above, otherwise you are able to purchase them individually at 50/ea.

  • 5 gift prints   |   75
  • 10 gift prints   |   125
  • 20 gift prints   |   200
  • Please inquire if you’d like more!


*For any image you choose to print, you will also receive a digital archive copy.  (Approx. 1500x2000px)

PLEASE NOTE : Collections cannot be altered.
You can, however, upgrade your collection by viewing our
a la carte list.


If you have any questions about your options, please contact us!

(Random trivia : In Italian- oro means gold, argento means silver, and ferro means iron.)
Prices may be subject to change.