J & M

Hello, hello! 

How you ended up here on our registry page is beyond me, but let me start by telling you how awesome you are for even considering buying us a gift. Seriously, you’re awesome.

Now… I’ve never created a wedding registry before, and I have to tell you- it’s harder than it looks!
You see, Justin and I don’t plan on living the conventional life after our marriage. Our first long-term goal as a married couple is to build a tiny house. (Yes, we’re one of those couples.) We’re leaning in the direction of a bus conversion, but haven’t fully decided. We know we want it to be mobile, and that’s about it, haha.

As you can imagine, filling out a registry can be somewhat daunting when you have no clue what kind of space you’ll be having. So with the registry below, we tried our best to pick only essentials for us to live this kind of lifestyle. However, filling our future house with the gifts inside our registry is a ways off, if you’d like to help us out with the first step of this journey (in lieu of or in addition), we would greatly appreciate any contribution to our tiny house fund.

And really, don’t feel obligated to get us anything. Truth is, we’re not the materialistic type. If you’d rather come hang out with us/help us build our tiny house over the next year, we’d be love that just as much.
Thanks in advance!






Please feel free to contact Mariah if you have any questions.
2906 Ossenfort Road, Wildwood, MO 63038