Weddling – The action of getting married, when your last name is Weddle.

That’s my story anyway. We had an amazing time with Tim and Steph. Musicians, artists, polymaths, board-game enthusiasts, goofballs, and all around swell folks… how could we not? We had a really interesting concept develop for their engagement session. Instead of just getting some awesome portraits at some gorgeous locations (which we did do… shout out to Fox Theater and Powell Symphony Hall!), we turned this shoot up to 11 and collaborated with Steph’s pet project, “My Life with Marilyn.”

Marilyn is a mushroom monster who Steph has brought to life through her unique style of illustration. We took that very literally when we had our engagement session with Tim and Steph and brought the whole thing to life in another dimension. We had such a great time conceptualizing a comic strip with the Weddlebergs (another affectionate nickname we have for them) and then taking it from a vision into a reality.

We took photos, Steph illustrated the photos, then we got the illustrations and merged them with the photos. You’ll understand it better if you see it… so click on the photo below to visit her website and you’ll see what I’m talking about!

Reality Button

And in case you’re wondering about the Powell and Fox photos, Steph is a composer (Arkansas’ Composer of the Year), and Tim is a bassist for the symphony/a Primus cover band. Steph is raising a couple of geckos, and a family of mushrooms. “In his spare time, Tim enjoys cooking with his fiancée, watching nature documentaries, and exercising…” according to his bio on the symphony’s website. According to me, he enjoys pretty much everything he does, and it’s hard not to join in when you’re around him and Steph!


These two are a true source of inspiration for Mariah and I, and we love getting together with them whenever possible. I’m going to call an audible and show this photo:


That’s a photo of Tim and Steph lying in our front yard here at Wildwood Green Arts (represent!), our home and long-term project aside from pretending like we’re wedding photographers. 😉 They came out to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower… because we gave up on just having clients a long time ago. Now we just make friends… who happen to hire us to photograph one of the most important days of their lives. I mean, when you think about it, why wouldn’t you want to trust that to a friend?

I digress. Steph and Tim, you guys are amazing and M and I love you both. Thank you for inspiring us, and we wish you guys the best of luck with Marilyn! Seriously, everyone go check out You will not regret it.