So… We were invited to take part in the 4th annual Whiskers and Wine event at the University Club at Mizzou. It’s a dinner hosted by the Central Missouri Humane Society where a bunch of badass people get together and raise money for dogs and cats and other critters. It was amazing. It apparently costs upwards of $17,000 per week to keep the doors open at the CMHS, and most of that money is from donations. We were fortunate enough to be able to donate our time and talents to do a photo session.

Our clients, Bryan and Grace (Read about them: DOG DAYS), who we already bragged about being awesome champions for the four-legged friends, asked us if we’d be willing to be a part of the evening’s auctions, and since we love animals as well, it was kind of a no-brainer. MU Chancellor Emeritus/CMHS Board President Dr. Richard Wallace bought our table for us, because apparently we’re lucky like that. Thank you, Richard! Joe Moseley hosted the night brilliantly.

Bryan has started doing awesome 3D art and our Live Auction piece was a collab between So Gold and Bryan Walther. We will take the pet photos, and then Bryan will take the printed photo and apply it to a 3D wooden sculpture he makes. Like an idiot, I didn’t take any photos of his sculptures… which I’ll definitely have to do, because they’re awesome… and it’s a difficult process to explain without a visual. Anyway, our collaborative art piece raised over $1000 in the Live Auction. Thanks so much for your bid, Jerry! And Donna, once you decide which animals to include in this (there were a couple cats, a dog or two, I believe, and then some horses… which kind of threw us for a loop!), we can’t wait to work with you. 🙂


There were tons of great silent auctions, and we had a poster there for our live auction item. Yes, that says “Beast Mode.”


There were a lot of great items in the silent auction. That little Boston Terrier above… he’s a bobblehead.


Many drinks were had.


Wish I could remember this dude’s name. My brain keeps trying to say it was “Mike Portnoy,” but since that’s the drummer for Dream Theater, I’m going to assume that’s not correct. Stephen Porter? Bill Potter? Kevin? Sorry dude… you rocked.


The announcement of dinner whipped everyone into a last minute bidding frenzy on the silent auction.


I honestly don’t know how much was raised just through the Silent Auction, but I have to assume it was a fair amount.


I like to think this woman was pointing at the description of our Live Auction piece and saying “Oh boy, if that doesn’t just look like the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!”


I know you’re wondering… yes… we got to keep the wine glasses.


University Club, you killed it with the food. Awesome.


Les Bourgeois provided adorable wine. We like our wine adorable, don’t we?


Table 20 was where all the cool kids ate.


Kent’s Floral provided great centerpieces for the tables.




Joe, you were a great speaker, and a passable auctioneer.


JERRY! Thank you so much for valuing our work and donating so generously to the CMHS!


Richard, thank you for everything! You’re an awesome dude, and an inspiration.


Lots of money was raised to give a ton of animals a New Leash on Life (I take no responsibility for that wordplay).